once summer endsyou will not be here anymore


once summer ends
you will not be here anymore

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at work, on bus, don’t know origins of either

I am going to go to the contact jam tonight, but I am Nervous because I will get lost on the way there (literally inevitable and fine, phone will help me, but getting lost is kind of uncomfortable); probably won’t know anyone there on a level closer than “I did underscore in a room with you a couple times”; might have a weird experience and feel bad/need to leave; might have a dance style that is unlike others’; might be rusty; will almost definitely be sore and bruised tomorrow

it would be helpful/pleasant to hear some reassurance/encouragement about this, I think

If someone comes to you and asks your help, you shall not turn him off with pious words, saying, “Have faith and take your troubles to God!” You shall act as if there were no God, as if there were only one person in all the world who could help this man–only yourself.

Rabbi Moshe Leib of Sassov (via shiraglassman)

You don’t expect to hear a rabbi say “act as if there were no God” and mean not “do whatever you feel like doing” but “recognize that the ultimate responsibility for doing good in the world lies with you.”  I kind of love this.

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(kind of unrelated note is that I was just reading about echolalia and was going to tag this “does a snake have a face”

… which is a Jewish philosophy/ethics echo I can explain if that sounds interesting, but it’s kind of elaborate and w/o explanation also makes no sense at all to probably anybody else who might be reading this

Anyway: sometimes echolalia is useful for communicating and sometimes it is only useful inside one person’s head. My other main philosophy echo is “Of course there are werewolves and vampires,” which is even more fun and even more questionably useful)

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if u want to smooch ur crush just send ‘em this picture with the caption “do u want to be the onion?” they will know u are the elderly english farmer in this situation 


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